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things i've learned about running, part one [Feb. 28th, 2012|10:27 pm]

well, well! it's been a week since i've started running. the maiden voyage was on a sunday, then i got in tuesday and thursday worknight runs, and attempted my weekend "long" run on saturday. after that i took two days of rest and enjoyed another tuesday run tonight. my weekly mileage is super low (compared to the 30 miles per week required to call yourself a "novice" runner, according to the training book i'm reading) but i think i've probably run more this past week than in the whole rest of my life previous. i was really sore after the first run (general legs, lower abs, a band around my ribcage, and my lungs felt like they were on fire) but it's been surprisingly pleasant since. my groin is a tiny bit sore right now, but i feel good otherwise.

here are some notes so far:

1. setting visual goals is what makes running possible, along with false self-bargaining. you can be like, "okay self, if you can make it to that fence i'll let you walk for a while!" and then when you get to the fence you bust out, "haha, sucker! you're still running! now you've got to get to that tree up there!"

2. running to childish gambino is a lot of fun, but it's hard not to sing along out loud.

3. i like the post run hip girdle mini post-running workout from the nike site, but only in the privacy of my own home. i refuse to do something called "donkey kicks" in public.

4. if you run in essentially the same outfit for a week without washing it, you will be irresistible to the dog at the pet store when you swing by at the end of a short weeknight run to pick up maki's food.

abduction [Sep. 9th, 2011|12:00 am]

this looks like it is probably a retelling of the fountainhead. "you'll obey my blueprints, or die trying!" is what i imagine he's thinking as he's sliding down that building. the title is a little tough to justify at first because it is so alien-friendly, but i suppose one of his designs could be abducted by a rival architect or something. or is it? perhaps it is not that simple and he falls down a badass jason bourne rabbit hole. spoiler alert: maybe in the end he IS the sellout rival architect but has amnesia, memento style. or tyler durden style. is this the truth he must fight with his life?

shout-out to hannah!

i can haz entrepeneur? [Sep. 8th, 2011|11:43 pm]

hipster bakery name idea: FUR CAKES. bread and pastries made by real cats. they're so good at kneading! so far the only obstacle i see is the health department.

warrior [Aug. 31st, 2011|09:23 pm]

the carefully placed white band in the center, and the absence of an 's' at the end of warrior leads me to believe the show is about conjoined twins that are ufc fighters. the season follows their rise to the top, and culminates in a final battle in which they must fight each other for the world championship heavyweight belt. the second season will focus on the delicate emotions the loser faces from the belt on their waist that is not his, and that he cannot escape.

pan am [Aug. 31st, 2011|09:12 pm]

pan am features wednesday addams all growed-up and lookin' for love in an addams family values spin-off. it revolves around her joining a devilish flight attendant-themed women's bowling league. they are good. like, they all get 300 on a regular basis.

revenge [Aug. 31st, 2011|09:01 pm]

revenge is mashup of survivor and project runway. the tagline should be something like, NO ALLIANCE IS SAFE FROM COMING UNSTICHED. the contestants will form tribes and compete against each other, with themed fashion challenges each week. in the end, the loosing tribe votes off one of their own, until the final two, where the winner is decided by the other contestants already voted off. that red "g" in the title looks pretty important, too... perhaps they must listen to kenny g while working, or sew on the g train or while experiencing g-forces on a rollercoaster at great america, or it is set in ghana. "what goes around comes around" makes me lean toward endless kenny g loops.

ringer [Aug. 17th, 2011|08:24 pm]

while waiting for our morning train, jeff and i played the 'guess what this tv show is about based solely on the poster' game. i have two theories for the ringer. they both are courtroom dramas starring sarah michelle gellar as both the defense AND prosecution [the "ultimate double cross" examination]. in one theory sarah has a split personality disorder, one personality being the defense and the other the prosecution. she is able to switch between the two using that large ring, and there's lots of inner turmoil. in the other theory, sarah plays twin sisters who are the defense and prosecution, respectively. there is a giant ring with superpowers and each episode the sisters battle each other, perhaps in a turn based WoW-type arena, the winner keeping the ring for the trial at the end of the episode. the ring's superpower? whichever sister possesses it wins the case.

BOTTOM LINE: this is definitely a courtroom drama that features sarah michelle gellar playing two different people/personalities and she has a ring with some kind of powers. there will also be side-boob cleavage.

team scrabble in central park w/ jeff, justin+viv and justin's parents [May. 8th, 2011|12:15 am]

this made me laugh for like, ten minutes. we also got "HIDUANE" before this.

i can be... an architect [Feb. 25th, 2011|10:14 pm]


have you heard? barbie is finally an architect, among 1 billion other professions. unfortunately, architect-barbie is into pretty disappointing clothes. or rather, dresses. sidenote: while i'm not a huge fan of the color pink, i do love that her drawing tube totally looks like a yoga mat bag at first glance. that dress though? ughhhhhhhh. you get one outfit to sum up "architect" and that's it?

luckily, christina mcphee had the great idea to re-dress her more appropriately [or not appropriately, depending on how you approach it, i guess]. what fun! i basically tried to make a super casual but slightly more stylish version of me.

all i knew to start with was that i wanted her in a grey hoodie. i tend to prefer a darker grey myself, but whatever. the glasses sitting on top of her head made them seem too much like a fashion accessory, so i made sure to put a pair on her face so they'd be functional. i also toned down the makeup and made her less blonde and tan. architects are so not tan. the shoes may be a little much for a job site and whatnot, but have you seen barbie's feet?! i figured her achilles tendon must be super-short already so flats were out of the question.

harvest kitty: part two [Nov. 7th, 2010|05:52 pm]


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